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Team Details
Team short abbreviation: USSR
Team full name: USSR
Homepage: http://ussr-team.com
About the Team:

The NFSU squad of the USSR team was founded at the end of 2003 and now consists of more than 30 players. The Team Leader is V_NMad. Our goal is to unite best russian-speaking racers from all over the world. We have many titular members who won different online and offline events, including WCG'04 NFSU Champion of Russia. If you are interested in entering the team, you need to demonstrate high driving skills and be excellent team player. Our primary game now is NFSU2.

Trophies Circuit: Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:28.82 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Phoenix Steel: 1:20.87 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.37 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Dockside: 1:03.83 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Marine & 25th: 1:14.11 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Shoreside: 0:45.76 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Providencia: 0:28.67 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Freemont: 0:19.85 (USSRxScoob)Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 0:29.70 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 1:16.23 (USSRxScoob)Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:29.14 (USSRxScoob)Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.38 (USSRxScoob)Record at Observatory: 0:41.42 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Freeway West: 1:04.77 (USSRxScoob)Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.57 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Lower Eastside: 0:40.03 (USSRxScoob)Record at Garibaldi Run Reverse: 1:27.03 (USSRxScoob)Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 1:14.97 (USSRxChisNFS)Record at Freeway East Reverse: 1:14.09 (USSRxScoob)Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.98 (USSRxChisNFS)
Record at Smokestack: 1:10.86 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Outer Ring: 1:01.12 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Palm Highway: 1:04.38 (USSRxScoob)Record at City Hall: 0:36.35 (USSRxScoob)Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.62 (USSRxScoob)
Trophies Sprint: Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 2:28.45 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Terminal & 2nd Reverse: 0:59.10 (USSRxMrKOT)Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 1:56.23 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Sentinel Hill Reverse: 1:13.37 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Palm Hill Reverse: 1:32.10 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at South Junction Reverse: 1:26.34 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 1:16.18 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at South Junction: 1:25.61 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Rockridge Cross: 1:16.86 (USSRxSurgeon)Overall Record at Sprint: 74:53.05 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Broadway & Grandville Reverse: 1:24.48 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Tailgate Reverse: 1:08.97 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Wall Center Reverse: 0:58.93 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Upper Deck Reverse: 1:42.35 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at 2nd & Bellevue: 2:23.84 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Cypress Bowl: 2:11.20 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Blackcomb Way: 2:11.82 (USSRxScoob)Record at The Chief: 1:56.39 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Palm Hill: 1:31.48 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Wall Center: 0:58.25 (USSRxSurgeon)
Record at Terminal & 2nd Reverse: 0:59.36 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 1:08.16 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Black Tusk: 2:07.79 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Waste Management: 1:35.85 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Sentinel Hill: 1:12.49 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Tailgate: 1:08.37 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Upper Deck: 1:42.77 (USSRxSurgeon)Record at Palomino & 16th: 1:09.77 (USSRxSurgeon)
Trophies Drag: Record at Central Station: 0:18.47 (USSR*RussGirl)Record at Coastal Express: 0:18.76 ([USSR]RomaGT)
Trophies StreetX: Record at Industrial Park Track 2 Reverse: 0:08.33 (USSRxAgresor)Record at Industrial Park Track 2: 0:08.31 (USSRxAgresor)Record at Parkade Track 1 Reverse: 0:15.88 (USSRxScoob)Record at Industrial Park Track 2 Reverse: 0:08.34 (USSRxScoob)Record at Parkade Track 4: 0:18.72 (USSRxScoob)Record at Parkade Track 1: 0:16.39 (USSRxEgoRio)Record at Industrial Park Track 1: 0:18.53 (USSRxScoob)Overall Record at StreetX: 4:39.81 (USSRxScoob)Record at Parkade Track 4: 0:18.80 (USSRxEgoRio)Record at Parkade Track 3: 0:18.35 (USSRxScoob)Record at Parkade Track 2: 0:27.83 (USSRxScoob)Record at Parkade Track 1: 0:16.41 (USSRxAgresor)Record at Industrial Park Track 2: 0:08.34 (USSRxScoob)
Trophies URL: Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2: 0:36.73 (USSRxScoob)Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1: 0:21.10 (USSRxInj)
Trophies Drift:
Positions in Standings: 1 (3;1;3;1;1;15)
Pts. (C;S;D;X;U;T): 23,002 (5855;7143;1639;3658;4661;46)
Number of Results (C;S;D;X;U;T): 844 (192;258;97;79;179;39)
Participated players (C;S;D;X;U;T): 26 (22;17;8;8;10;5)
The team has beaten WR's:733
Has Most Points:USSRxScoob
Has Most Trophies:USSRxSurgeon
Best Player in Circuit:USSRxScoob
Best Player in Sprint:USSRxSurgeon
Best Player in Drag:[USSR]RomaGT
Best Player in StreetX:USSRxScoob
Best Player in URL:USSRxScoob
Best Player in Drift:USSRxStealth
Most Active Player:USSRxSurgeon
Most Popular Player:USSRxScoob

Type: Country:

Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (C;S;D;X;U;T) Trophies
1RussiaUSSRUSSRxScoob7,653 -0 -0140 (40;47;13;17;23;0)Record at Freemont: 0:19.85Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2: 0:36.73Record at Parkade Track 1 Reverse: 0:15.88Record at Industrial Park Track 2 Reverse: 0:08.34Record at Parkade Track 4: 0:18.72Record at Industrial Park Track 1: 0:18.53Record at Blackcomb Way: 2:11.82Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 1:16.23Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:29.14Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.38
Record at Freeway West: 1:04.77Record at Lower Eastside: 0:40.03Overall Record at StreetX: 4:39.81Record at Parkade Track 3: 0:18.35Record at Parkade Track 2: 0:27.83Record at Industrial Park Track 2: 0:08.34Record at Garibaldi Run Reverse: 1:27.03Record at Freeway East Reverse: 1:14.09Record at Palm Highway: 1:04.38Record at City Hall: 0:36.35
Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.62
2RussiaUSSRUSSRxSurgeon4,346 -3,307 -3,30758 (11;47;0;0;0;0)Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 2:28.45Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 1:56.23Record at Sentinel Hill Reverse: 1:13.37Record at Palm Hill Reverse: 1:32.10Record at South Junction Reverse: 1:26.34Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 1:16.18Record at South Junction: 1:25.61Record at Rockridge Cross: 1:16.86Record at Marine & 25th: 1:14.11Overall Record at Sprint: 74:53.05
Record at Broadway & Grandville Reverse: 1:24.48Record at Tailgate Reverse: 1:08.97Record at Wall Center Reverse: 0:58.93Record at Upper Deck Reverse: 1:42.35Record at 2nd & Bellevue: 2:23.84Record at Cypress Bowl: 2:11.20Record at The Chief: 1:56.39Record at Palm Hill: 1:31.48Record at Wall Center: 0:58.25Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 0:29.70
Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.57Record at Terminal & 2nd Reverse: 0:59.36Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 1:08.16Record at Black Tusk: 2:07.79Record at Waste Management: 1:35.85Record at Sentinel Hill: 1:12.49Record at Tailgate: 1:08.37Record at Upper Deck: 1:42.77Record at Palomino & 16th: 1:09.77
3RussiaUSSRUSSRxChisNFS1,500 -6,153 -2,84638 (12;3;0;0;23;0)Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 1:14.97Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.98
4RussiaUSSRUSSRxAgresor1,174 -6,479 -32638 (18;0;1;17;0;2)Record at Industrial Park Track 2 Reverse: 0:08.33Record at Industrial Park Track 2: 0:08.31Record at Parkade Track 1: 0:16.41
5RussiaUSSRUSSRxMrKOT1,118 -6,535 -5614 (13;1;0;0;0;0)Record at Terminal & 2nd Reverse: 0:59.10Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:28.82Record at Phoenix Steel: 1:20.87Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.37Record at Dockside: 1:03.83Record at Shoreside: 0:45.76Record at Providencia: 0:28.67Record at Observatory: 0:41.42Record at Smokestack: 1:10.86Record at Outer Ring: 1:01.12
6UkraineUSSRUSSRxEgoRio1,094 -6,559 -2418 (1;0;0;17;0;0)Record at Parkade Track 1: 0:16.39Record at Parkade Track 4: 0:18.80
7RussiaUSSRUSSRxEXHAUST796 -6,857 -29834 (9;2;0;0;23;0)
8UkraineUSSRUSSRxInj739 -6,914 -5719 (3;1;0;0;15;0)Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1: 0:21.10
9RussiaUSSR[USSR]RomaGT719 -6,934 -2025 (3;1;21;0;0;0)Record at Coastal Express: 0:18.76
10UkraineUSSRUSSRsergUSSR685 -6,968 -3449 (0;47;2;0;0;0)
11UkraineUSSRUSSRxV_NMad634 -7,019 -5118 (17;1;0;0;0;0)
11BelarusUSSRUSSRxDen1skA634 -7,019 -023 (0;0;0;0;23;0)
12RussiaUSSRUSSR*RussGirl516 -7,137 -11844 (3;4;21;4;1;11)Record at Central Station: 0:18.47
13BelarusUSSRUSSRxSolo402 -7,251 -11447 (0;47;0;0;0;0)
14RussiaUSSRUSSRxSany301 -7,352 -10125 (2;0;0;0;23;0)
15UkraineUSSRUSSRxIRON226 -7,427 -759 (9;0;0;0;0;0)
16UkraineUSSRUSSRxSkream124 -7,529 -1026 (4;1;0;1;0;0)
17LatviaUSSRUSSRxAlexio95 -7,558 -294 (2;0;0;2;0;0)
18RussiaUSSRUSSRxTurbo58 -7,595 -372 (1;1;0;0;0;0)
19RussiaUSSRUSSRxStealth46 -7,607 -127 (0;0;0;0;0;7)
20RussiaUSSRUSSRxAn41 -7,612 -544 (13;4;0;4;23;0)
21RussiaUSSRUSSRt00mbler37 -7,616 -428 (2;3;21;0;2;0)
22UkraineUSSRUSSRxNeonion34 -7,619 -315 (6;1;8;0;0;0)
23RussiaUSSRUSSRxKAC25 -7,628 -9128 (17;47;6;17;23;18)
24UkraineUSSRUSSR_EkZeKuteR5 -7,648 -207 (2;0;4;0;0;1)



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