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Drag Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results Trophies
1PolandGGKRYSTA-GG-2,122 -0 -021Overall Record at Drag: 6:55.84Record at Central Station Reverse: 0:18.78Record at Runway 9 Reverse: 0:18.26Record at Runway 15 Reverse: 0:18.11Record at South Runway Reverse: 0:18.03Record at Coastal Express Reverse: 0:19.05Record at Bayview Bridge Reverse: 0:19.31Record at Runway 9: 0:18.56Record at Runway 15: 0:18.13Record at South Runway: 0:18.05
Record at Switching Yard: 0:18.51Record at Coastal Express: 0:18.71Record at Airport Freeway Reverse: 0:29.57Record at Switching Yard Reverse: 0:18.87Record at North Freeway Reverse: 0:25.67Record at Central Station: 0:18.51Record at Airport Freeway: 0:29.69Record at North Freeway: 0:25.76Record at Tunnel Construction: 0:22.28Record at Tunnel Construction Reverse: 0:22.70
2PolandHades1,646 -476 -47621Record at Bayview Bridge: 0:19.18Overall Record at Drag: 6:58.66Record at Runway 9 Reverse: 0:18.30Record at Runway 15 Reverse: 0:18.33Record at Bayview Bridge Reverse: 0:19.35Record at Runway 15: 0:18.23Record at South Runway: 0:18.07Record at Airport Freeway Reverse: 0:29.71Record at South Runway Reverse: 0:18.08Record at North Freeway Reverse: 0:25.77
3PolandDrag_Boy1,464 -658 -18221Record at South Runway Reverse: 0:18.08Overall Record at Drag: 6:59.60Record at Bayview Bridge Reverse: 0:19.42Record at Central Station: 0:18.56Record at North Freeway: 0:25.81Record at Bayview Bridge: 0:19.25
4BrazilnGInfante.nG1,381 -741 -8321Record at Coastal Express Reverse: 0:19.07Record at Runway 9 Reverse: 0:18.39Record at Runway 15 Reverse: 0:18.35Record at Tunnel Construction: 0:22.54
4NetherlandsROEDAfroman-001,381 -741 -021Record at Bayview Bridge: 0:19.25Record at Runway 9: 0:18.70Record at Runway 15: 0:18.30Record at Switching Yard: 0:18.65
5South AfricaGGF1-GG1,224 -898 -15721Record at Switching Yard Reverse: 0:18.83Record at Runway 9: 0:18.57Record at Switching Yard: 0:18.57
6PolandKawkaz1,123 -999 -10121Record at Coastal Express: 0:18.74Record at Central Station Reverse: 0:18.90Record at Switching Yard Reverse: 0:19.04
7BrazilNBrNBrBetoLeo1,036 -1,086 -8721Record at Central Station Reverse: 0:18.79Record at Coastal Express Reverse: 0:19.10
8RussiaFAFFAFxSnakeGT813 -1,309 -22321
9CanadaXRTRENZZ772 -1,350 -4121Record at Tunnel Construction Reverse: 0:22.60
10RussiaFAFFAFxFanat758 -1,364 -1421
11RussiaUSSR[USSR]RomaGT699 -1,423 -5921Record at Coastal Express: 0:18.76
12RussiaFAFFAFxFlanker660 -1,462 -3921
13UkraineAA6949AO640 -1,482 -2011Record at Airport Freeway Reverse: 0:29.51Record at North Freeway Reverse: 0:25.60Record at Tunnel Construction Reverse: 0:22.04Record at Airport Freeway: 0:29.44Record at North Freeway: 0:25.73Record at Tunnel Construction: 0:22.19
14GermanyHRXfeyDoKx1x601 -1,521 -3921
15CanadaXRXRxRoxter565 -1,557 -3621
16GermanymyCTelly551 -1,571 -1421
17RussiaUSSRUSSR*RussGirl516 -1,606 -3521Record at Central Station: 0:18.47
18United StatesGGHalitzorGG476 -1,646 -4021
19GermanymyCgrafFiti454 -1,668 -2221
20CanadaKaballero405 -1,717 -499
21Czech RepublicJanecek985401 -1,721 -47Record at Airport Freeway: 0:29.80Record at South Runway: 0:18.07
22RussiaTiPro372 -1,750 -2921
23United StatesC2OC2OxMex13359 -1,763 -1310
24GermanyKisBra355 -1,767 -421
25RussiaUSSRUSSRxScoob353 -1,769 -213
26GermanyPinkyMouse338 -1,784 -1514
27PolandanybodyPL306 -1,816 -3210
28United StatesDRSolt8krDR294 -1,828 -1221
29GermanyFAFFAFxNoosai280 -1,842 -1411
30RussiaNemesis229 -1,893 -5121
31RussiaFAFFAFxDestroyer216 -1,906 -1316
31PolandDMARCYK216 -1,906 -017
32RussiaROED-[ROED]xBurashka-212 -1,910 -46
33PolandGOSCIU99204 -1,918 -87
34GermanyGMCDragon183 -1,939 -2116
35FinlandNFSU2NERD182 -1,940 -13
36RussiaSpider181 -1,941 -121
37Czech RepublicT.H.CSudy136 -1,986 -4521
37Kabinho136 -1,986 -03
38United StatesIcecrememan133 -1,989 -319
39GermanyGGSphereGG118 -2,004 -1521
40CanadaC2OC2OxCooldj112 -2,010 -66
41PolandAdamek108 -2,014 -47
42GermanymyCmyC|keks107 -2,015 -113
43United KingdomTRTxdevilracer23106 -2,016 -115
44PolandPLNFSPLNFSDidi92 -2,030 -145
45ChileMdtAkira MDT87 -2,035 -57
46FranceNCT-DRNCTBDevilDR86 -2,036 -121
47BrazilKGCRicK82 -2,040 -421

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