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Sprint Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results Trophies
1RussiaUSSRUSSRxSurgeon3,624 -0 -047Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 2:28.45Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 1:56.23Record at Sentinel Hill Reverse: 1:13.37Record at Palm Hill Reverse: 1:32.10Record at South Junction Reverse: 1:26.34Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 1:16.18Record at South Junction: 1:25.61Record at Rockridge Cross: 1:16.86Overall Record at Sprint: 74:53.05Record at Broadway & Grandville Reverse: 1:24.48
Record at Tailgate Reverse: 1:08.97Record at Wall Center Reverse: 0:58.93Record at Upper Deck Reverse: 1:42.35Record at 2nd & Bellevue: 2:23.84Record at Cypress Bowl: 2:11.20Record at The Chief: 1:56.39Record at Palm Hill: 1:31.48Record at Wall Center: 0:58.25Record at Terminal & 2nd Reverse: 0:59.36Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 1:08.16
Record at Black Tusk: 2:07.79Record at Waste Management: 1:35.85Record at Sentinel Hill: 1:12.49Record at Tailgate: 1:08.37Record at Upper Deck: 1:42.77Record at Palomino & 16th: 1:09.77
2Germany[TRIAD]Fearless3,582 -42 -4247Overall Record at Sprint: 74:51.69Record at Marathon Reverse: 2:19.20Record at Upper Deck Reverse: 1:42.19Record at Palomino & 16th Reverse: 1:09.60Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 2:28.57Record at Black Tusk Reverse: 2:09.52Record at Cypress Bowl Reverse: 2:11.47Record at The Chief Reverse: 1:53.72Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 1:56.46Record at Broadway & Granville: 1:22.88
Record at Sentinel Hill: 1:12.44Record at Grouse Grind: 1:39.27Record at Upper Deck: 1:42.76Record at South Junction: 1:25.75Record at Domestic Arrivals Reverse: 1:24.49Record at Port Authority Reverse: 1:26.10Record at Rollercoaster Reverse: 2:00.19Record at Wall Center Reverse: 0:58.94Record at South Junction Reverse: 1:26.77Record at Marathon: 2:22.46
Record at 2nd & Bellevue: 2:25.56Record at Cypress Bowl: 2:11.81Record at Blackcomb Way: 2:12.15Record at The Chief: 1:57.12Record at Bayview Plaza: 1:07.55
3GermanyKGCKGCdagunner3,369 -255 -21347Record at Rollercoaster Reverse: 1:59.08Record at Cypress Bowl: 2:10.92Record at Blackcomb Way: 2:11.69Record at Rollercoaster: 1:58.31Record at Grouse Grind: 1:38.80Record at Domestic Arrivals Reverse: 1:24.46Record at Port Authority Reverse: 1:25.97Record at Blackcomb Way Reverse: 2:14.83Record at Grouse Grind Reverse: 1:36.98Record at South Junction Reverse: 1:26.51
Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 1:07.93Record at Waste Management: 1:35.39Record at Port Authority: 1:27.88Record at Terminal & 2nd: 1:03.70Record at Eagleridge Estates: 1:57.33Overall Record at Sprint: 74:54.01Record at Marathon Reverse: 2:19.74Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 1:56.49Record at South Junction: 1:25.80Record at Rockridge Cross: 1:17.74
4GermanyaTTaX|brothYbs2,795 -829 -57447Record at Port Authority Reverse: 1:25.94Record at Grouse Grind Reverse: 1:36.80Record at Domestic Arrivals: 1:25.21Record at Cypress Bowl Reverse: 2:11.74Record at Blackcomb Way Reverse: 2:15.15Record at The Chief Reverse: 1:53.82
5Chinafiregunfd2,772 -852 -2347Record at 2nd & Bellevue: 2:21.93Record at Domestic Arrivals: 1:24.28Record at Palm Hill: 1:31.33Record at Wall Center: 0:58.07Record at Palomino & 16th: 1:09.06Record at Waste Management Reverse: 1:34.05Record at Black Tusk: 2:07.56Record at Black Tusk Reverse: 2:10.14Record at Broadway & Grandville Reverse: 1:24.69Record at Palomino & 16th Reverse: 1:10.00
Record at Broadway & Granville: 1:23.29Record at Rollercoaster: 1:58.80
6China[C&P][C&P]GOGO(WR2)2,408 -1,216 -36447Record at Sentinel Hill Reverse: 1:13.48
7BrazilnGplayArt'SpeedNG2,368 -1,256 -4047Record at Bayview Plaza: 1:06.88Record at Rockridge Cross: 1:17.32Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 2:28.64Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 1:16.35
8RussiaROED-[ROED]xBurashka-2,260 -1,364 -10827Record at Tailgate Reverse: 1:08.66Record at Wall Center Reverse: 0:58.91Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 1:07.87Record at Marathon: 2:21.35Record at Waste Management: 1:34.94Record at Terminal & 2nd: 1:03.38Record at The Chief: 1:55.68Record at Tailgate: 1:08.13Record at Upper Deck: 1:42.72Record at Marathon Reverse: 2:19.32
Record at Terminal & 2nd Reverse: 0:59.35Record at Rollercoaster Reverse: 1:59.79Record at Palm Hill Reverse: 1:32.41Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 1:16.31Record at Palomino & 16th Reverse: 1:09.97Record at Bayview Plaza: 1:07.51Record at Palomino & 16th: 1:09.49Record at Waste Management Reverse: 1:34.36Record at Port Authority: 1:28.09Record at Palm Hill: 1:32.23
Record at Grouse Grind: 1:39.36
9RussiaUSSRUSSRxScoob2,124 -1,500 -13647Record at Blackcomb Way: 2:11.82
10IndiaROED[ROED]xArunRuleZzZ1,880 -1,744 -24438Record at Domestic Arrivals Reverse: 1:24.40Record at Waste Management Reverse: 1:34.04Record at Cypress Bowl Reverse: 2:11.44Record at The Chief Reverse: 1:53.36Record at Sentinel Hill Reverse: 1:13.62
11RussiaFKSpeedArt1,386 -2,238 -49447
12GermanyHMRHMRxPanther1,327 -2,297 -5947
13ChinaPanZhiHua1,267 -2,357 -6047
14RussiaPlayer_11,236 -2,388 -3147Record at Terminal & 2nd: 1:03.83
15GermanyHMRHMRxSnoop1,178 -2,446 -5847
16RussiaRSRRSRxMrBin1,167 -2,457 -1126Record at Port Authority: 1:27.76Record at Marathon: 2:21.67Record at Domestic Arrivals: 1:25.24Record at Wall Center: 0:58.28
17GermanyHMRHMRxfuzzy1,085 -2,539 -8247
18RussiaRSRRSRliveRSR1,076 -2,548 -947Record at Sentinel Hill: 1:12.25Record at Tailgate: 1:08.28Record at Tailgate Reverse: 1:09.02
19RussiaRSRRSRxVanix1,006 -2,618 -7042
20GermanyoXKillingXo922 -2,702 -8447
21RomaniaROEDMad Hatter871 -2,753 -5115Record at Black Tusk Reverse: 2:09.46Record at Broadway & Grandville Reverse: 1:24.37Record at Black Tusk: 2:07.43Record at Broadway & Granville: 1:22.83Record at Palm Hill Reverse: 1:32.44Record at Upper Deck Reverse: 1:42.57
22RussiaRSRRSRxSteeL856 -2,768 -1530
23UkrainenGPro100|Vido.nG829 -2,795 -2727
24CanadaXRMindlessTurn815 -2,809 -1447
25China[C&P][C&P]Snail766 -2,858 -4914Record at Blackcomb Way Reverse: 2:14.45Record at Eagleridge Estates: 1:57.06Record at Rollercoaster: 1:58.60Record at Grouse Grind Reverse: 1:37.03
26RussiaTiPro742 -2,882 -2437
27UkraineUSSRUSSRsergUSSR685 -2,939 -5747
28Chinagive up661 -2,963 -2447
29China[C&P][C&P]Richardhlz531 -3,093 -13017
30ChinaXRXRxFIREBIRD481 -3,143 -5047
31HungaryHNBHNBxCsabi480 -3,144 -147
31RomaniaROEDBurnExhaust480 -3,144 -035
32BelarusUSSRUSSRxSolo402 -3,222 -7847
33GermanyKGCKGCcrasy367 -3,257 -3547
34ChinaChristina340 -3,284 -2722Record at Eagleridge Estates: 1:57.78
35RussiaRSRMadDEVIL331 -3,293 -915
36Germanym3lon3317 -3,307 -1447
37RussiaRSRRSRxCatt308 -3,316 -920
38HungaryHNBHNBxRophka305 -3,319 -347
39RussiaRSRRSRxSonic304 -3,320 -129
40HungaryHNBHNBxMarocci297 -3,327 -747
41GermanymyCmyC|keks294 -3,330 -322
42China[C&P][C&P]Mars272 -3,352 -2214
43Singaporesturm100266 -3,358 -647
44RussiaRSRRSRxRosman256 -3,368 -1012
45NetherlandsHMRHMRxZiezoNL218 -3,406 -3820
46RussiaRSRRSRxSuslik217 -3,407 -116
47RussiaRSRRSRxBeliy213 -3,411 -423
48GermanyIceMaKsBlue209 -3,415 -447
49RussiaYKTFt185 -3,439 -2447

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