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Circuit Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results Trophies
1PortugalVGSpeedPro4,583 -0 -063Overall Record at Circuit: 69:26.79Record at Broad Street Reverse: 1:12.73Record at Woodbine Park Reverse: 1:16.82Record at Boxcar Reverse: 1:18.27Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 1:16.14Record at Shoreside Reverse: 0:46.37Record at Palm Highway Reverse: 1:05.21Record at Resort Loop Reverse: 0:43.33Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.32Record at City Hall: 0:36.07
Record at Garibaldi Run Reverse: 1:26.78Record at 12th & Arbutus Reverse: 1:38.19Record at Freeway East Reverse: 1:14.07Record at University Hill Reverse: 1:24.48Record at City Hall Reverse: 0:38.20Record at Broad Street: 1:12.96Record at Garibaldi Run: 1:26.63Record at Boxcar: 1:22.22Record at University Hill: 1:22.77Record at Palm Highway: 1:04.30
Record at Switchback: 0:46.02Record at Jackpot Reverse: 1:19.81Record at Bayview Concrete Reverse: 1:58.64Record at Bayview Summit Reverse: 1:42.78Record at Bayview Concrete: 1:50.42Record at Freeway East: 1:12.92Record at Shoreside: 0:45.99Record at Bayview Summit: 1:43.20Record at Freemont: 0:19.98
2BrazilnGplayArt'SpeedNG3,919 -664 -66463Record at Park Drive Reverse: 0:49.38Record at Jackpot Reverse: 1:19.49Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 1:14.53Record at Jackpot: 1:18.34Record at Broad Street Reverse: 1:13.26Record at Bayview International Reverse: 1:31.47Record at Smokestack Reverse: 1:12.16Record at Shoreside Reverse: 0:46.38Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.80Record at Resort Loop Reverse: 0:43.94
Record at Phoenix Steel: 1:20.94Record at Woodbine Park: 1:17.14Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.97Record at Smokestack: 1:10.85Overall Record at Circuit: 69:59.73Record at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 1:28.99Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 0:30.00Record at 12th & Arbutus Reverse: 1:39.83Record at Woodbine Park Reverse: 1:18.04Record at Dockside Reverse: 1:12.30
Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 1:16.83Record at Observatory Reverse: 0:42.62Record at University Hill Reverse: 1:24.54Record at Freeway West Reverse: 1:05.09Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 0:41.95Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.86Record at City Hall Reverse: 0:38.22Record at Park Drive: 0:49.28
3GermanyaTTaX|brothYbs3,775 -808 -14463Record at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 1:26.80Record at Bayview Summit Reverse: 1:42.50Record at Bellavista Reverse: 2:04.55Record at Woodbine Park: 1:16.80Overall Record at Circuit: 69:51.60Record at Park Drive Reverse: 0:49.69Record at Jackpot Reverse: 1:19.68Record at Boxcar Reverse: 1:18.45Record at Dockside Reverse: 1:11.13Record at Observatory Reverse: 0:42.39
Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.57Record at Park Drive: 0:49.27Record at Jackpot: 1:18.47Record at Bayview Concrete: 1:50.29Record at Shoreside Reverse: 0:46.64Record at Scenic Ride: 0:29.63
4PortugalChirted3,454 -1,129 -32152Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 0:29.54Record at 12th & Arbutus Reverse: 1:36.90Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 0:41.17Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.52Record at Scenic Ride: 0:29.49Record at Garibaldi Run: 1:26.40Record at 12th & Arbutus: 1:35.68Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.42Record at Switchback: 0:45.96Record at Lower Eastside: 0:39.98
Record at Woodbine Park Reverse: 1:17.36Record at Bellavista Reverse: 2:04.67Record at Bellavista: 2:02.52Record at Providencia: 0:28.73Record at Broad Street Reverse: 1:13.42Record at Palm Highway Reverse: 1:06.40Record at Resort Loop Reverse: 0:44.04Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:29.28Record at Bayview International: 1:30.39Record at Marine & 25th: 1:14.59
5PolandLXLXBobas3,192 -1,391 -26263Record at Bayview Concrete: 1:50.23Record at Smokestack: 1:10.67Record at Boxcar: 1:22.12Record at Outer Ring Reverse: 1:01.44Record at Marine & 25th: 1:14.51Record at Freemont: 0:19.98Record at University Hill: 1:22.94Record at Providencia: 0:28.81
6China[C&P][C&P]GOGO(WR2)2,714 -1,869 -47863Record at Palm Highway Reverse: 1:06.33
7RussiaFKSpeedArt2,526 -2,057 -18863Record at Bayview Concrete Reverse: 1:57.55Record at Smokestack Reverse: 1:12.28
8RussiaUSSRUSSRxScoob2,417 -2,166 -10940Record at Freemont: 0:19.85Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 1:16.23Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:29.14Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.38Record at Freeway West: 1:04.77Record at Lower Eastside: 0:40.03Record at Garibaldi Run Reverse: 1:27.03Record at Freeway East Reverse: 1:14.09Record at Palm Highway: 1:04.38Record at City Hall: 0:36.35
Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.62
9BrazilnGplayArtGearNG2,066 -2,517 -35132Record at Smokestack Reverse: 1:11.99Record at Dockside Reverse: 1:10.94Record at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 1:27.41Record at Freeway West Reverse: 1:04.51Record at Bayview International: 1:30.37Record at Dockside: 1:04.00Record at Shoreside: 0:45.79Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.47Record at Bayview International Reverse: 1:31.53Record at Park Drive Reverse: 0:49.73
Record at Jackpot: 1:18.93Record at Lower Eastside: 0:40.24
10CanadaXRMindlessTurn1,938 -2,645 -12863
11GermanyHMRHMRxSnoop1,623 -2,960 -31563
12RomaniaROEDMad Hatter1,557 -3,026 -6625Record at Garibaldi Run Reverse: 1:26.41Record at Bayview International Reverse: 1:31.38Record at Freeway East Reverse: 1:13.85Record at Outer Ring Reverse: 1:01.36Record at University Hill Reverse: 1:23.91Record at Freeway West Reverse: 1:04.49Record at Bayview International: 1:30.18Record at Park Drive: 0:49.21Record at Freeway East: 1:12.73Record at Outer Ring: 1:01.04
Record at University Hill: 1:22.75Record at Freeway West: 1:04.70Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.31
13GermanyKGCKGCdagunner1,504 -3,079 -5321Record at Observatory Reverse: 0:42.29Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.05Record at Bayview Summit: 1:42.35Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 0:41.69Record at Bayview Summit Reverse: 1:42.69Record at Bellavista Reverse: 2:04.74Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.83Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.39Record at Observatory: 0:41.67Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.63
Record at Bellavista: 2:02.89Record at Switchback: 0:46.21
14RussiaPlayer_11,359 -3,224 -14563Record at Bayview Concrete Reverse: 1:57.44
15RussiaRSRRSRxSuslik1,125 -3,458 -23442Record at Broad Street: 1:13.04
16BrazilnGFalcao.nG >>1,093 -3,490 -3263
17BrazilnGbrunospfcNG1,050 -3,533 -4363
18Germanym3lon31,024 -3,559 -2663
19RussiaUSSRUSSRxMrKOT1,018 -3,565 -613Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:28.82Record at Phoenix Steel: 1:20.87Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.37Record at Dockside: 1:03.83Record at Shoreside: 0:45.76Record at Providencia: 0:28.67Record at Observatory: 0:41.42Record at Smokestack: 1:10.86Record at Outer Ring: 1:01.12
20China[C&P][C&P]Richardhlz1,015 -3,568 -325Record at Scenic Ride: 0:29.59Record at Woodbine Park: 1:17.24
21ChinaSpeedX923 -3,660 -9263
22PolandD4RTHKa1898 -3,685 -2542Record at Freeway East: 1:12.87Record at Garibaldi Run: 1:26.92Record at 12th & Arbutus: 1:36.30
23RomaniaROEDBurnExhaust865 -3,718 -3335
24HungaryPIAAPIAAxLALA851 -3,732 -1463
25China[FB][FB]Or.4Cl3814 -3,769 -3724
26China[C&P][C&P]T763 -3,820 -5116Record at Palm Highway: 1:04.08
27RussiaRSRMadDEVIL731 -3,852 -3226Record at Broad Street: 1:12.87
27UkraineJSF731 -3,852 -063
28RussiaUSSRUSSRxSurgeon722 -3,861 -911Record at Marine & 25th: 1:14.11Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 0:29.70Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.57
29GermanyRaZoR670 -3,913 -5263
30BrazilEaPEaPMr1o666 -3,917 -430
31UkraineUSSRUSSRxV_NMad574 -4,009 -9217
32RomaniaROEDTzaca534 -4,049 -4020Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 1:14.54
33GermanymyCmyC|keks497 -4,086 -3717Record at Boxcar Reverse: 1:18.54Record at Boxcar: 1:22.68
34HungaryPIAAPIAAxCrash492 -4,091 -563
35ChileMdtDiego MDT487 -4,096 -522
36GermanyESALehnitz|DreaF479 -4,104 -835
37BrazilFalcon_IS_YOURSSS478 -4,105 -154
38China[C&P][C&P]Snail448 -4,135 -309Record at Bellavista: 2:02.41Record at Bayview Summit: 1:42.99
39RussiaUSSRUSSRxChisNFS447 -4,136 -112Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 1:14.97Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.98
40Germany-DrSq-DrSqTheBrain437 -4,146 -1025
41Polandc00lf0nPL427 -4,156 -1063
42RomaniaROEDRellik406 -4,177 -216Record at Outer Ring: 1:01.09Record at Outer Ring Reverse: 1:01.58Record at Freeway West: 1:04.85
43China[C&P][C&P]pharaoh404 -4,179 -213Record at 12th & Arbutus: 1:36.12
44GermanyGERGERshADow393 -4,190 -1112Record at City Hall: 0:36.28
45Russiamouz|Cave382 -4,201 -1110Record at Dockside: 1:04.24
46RomaniaROEDCarutasu378 -4,205 -416
47United StatesM3zZ0343 -4,240 -3534
48ThailandnGNosferatu.nG341 -4,242 -210Record at Phoenix Steel: 1:21.31
49Germany[TRIAD]Fearless336 -4,247 -59

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