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Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (C;S;D;X;U;T) Trophies
1BrazilnGplayArt'SpeedNG8,811 -0 -0138 (63;47;0;0;23;5)Overall Record at URL: 15:02.90Record at Airport Circuit Track 3 Reverse: 0:34.33Record at Airport Circuit Track 2 Reverse: 0:32.86Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5 Reverse: 0:59.50Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4 Reverse: 0:47.61Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3 Reverse: 0:44.75Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2 Reverse: 0:36.83Record at Airport Circuit Track 2: 0:32.75Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5: 0:59.02Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4: 0:47.67
Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3: 0:44.68Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1: 0:20.98Record at Bayview Plaza: 1:06.88Record at Park Drive Reverse: 0:49.38Record at Jackpot Reverse: 1:19.49Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 1:14.53Record at Jackpot: 1:18.34Record at Airport Circuit Track 6 Reverse: 0:47.95Record at Airport Circuit Track 5 Reverse: 1:03.55Record at Airport Circuit Track 4 Reverse: 0:39.21
Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1 Reverse: 0:20.52Record at Airport Circuit Track 6: 0:48.02Record at Airport Circuit Track 5: 1:02.84Record at Airport Circuit Track 4: 0:39.56Record at Airport Circuit Track 3: 0:34.20Record at Rockridge Cross: 1:17.32Record at Broad Street Reverse: 1:13.26Record at Bayview International Reverse: 1:31.47Record at Smokestack Reverse: 1:12.16Record at Shoreside Reverse: 0:46.38
Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.80Record at Resort Loop Reverse: 0:43.94Record at Phoenix Steel: 1:20.94Record at Woodbine Park: 1:17.14Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.97Record at Smokestack: 1:10.85Overall Record at Circuit: 69:59.73Record at Airport Circuit Track 1 Reverse: 0:24.72Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2: 0:36.78Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 2:28.64
Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 1:16.35Record at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 1:28.99Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 0:30.00Record at 12th & Arbutus Reverse: 1:39.83Record at Woodbine Park Reverse: 1:18.04Record at Dockside Reverse: 1:12.30Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 1:16.83Record at Observatory Reverse: 0:42.62Record at University Hill Reverse: 1:24.54Record at Freeway West Reverse: 1:05.09
Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 0:41.95Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.86Record at City Hall Reverse: 0:38.22Record at Park Drive: 0:49.28
2GermanyaTTaX|brothYbs8,707 -104 -104150 (63;47;0;17;23;0)Record at Port Authority Reverse: 1:25.94Record at Grouse Grind Reverse: 1:36.80Record at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 1:26.80Record at Bayview Summit Reverse: 1:42.50Record at Bellavista Reverse: 2:04.55Record at Woodbine Park: 1:16.80Overall Record at Circuit: 69:51.60Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4 Reverse: 0:47.68Record at Domestic Arrivals: 1:25.21Record at Park Drive Reverse: 0:49.69
Record at Jackpot Reverse: 1:19.68Record at Boxcar Reverse: 1:18.45Record at Dockside Reverse: 1:11.13Record at Observatory Reverse: 0:42.39Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.57Record at Park Drive: 0:49.27Record at Jackpot: 1:18.47Record at Bayview Concrete: 1:50.29Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3 Reverse: 0:45.20Record at Parkade Track 2 Reverse: 0:27.82
Record at Industrial Park Track 2 Reverse: 0:08.36Record at Cypress Bowl Reverse: 2:11.74Record at Blackcomb Way Reverse: 2:15.15Record at The Chief Reverse: 1:53.82Record at Shoreside Reverse: 0:46.64Record at Scenic Ride: 0:29.63
3GermanyKGCKGCdagunner8,374 -437 -333108 (21;47;0;17;23;0)Record at Airport Circuit Track 1 Reverse: 0:24.67Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1 Reverse: 0:20.49Record at Airport Circuit Track 6: 0:47.93Record at Airport Circuit Track 1: 0:24.29Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2: 0:36.71Record at Industrial Park Track 3: 0:14.24Record at Industrial Park Track 1: 0:18.47Record at Rollercoaster Reverse: 1:59.08Record at Cypress Bowl: 2:10.92Record at Blackcomb Way: 2:11.69
Record at Rollercoaster: 1:58.31Record at Grouse Grind: 1:38.80Record at Observatory Reverse: 0:42.29Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.05Record at Bayview Summit: 1:42.35Overall Record at URL: 15:05.50Overall Record at StreetX: 4:39.38Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5 Reverse: 0:59.59Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2 Reverse: 0:36.97Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5: 0:59.10
Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4: 0:47.73Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3: 0:44.82Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1: 0:21.00Record at Parkade Track 3 Reverse: 0:18.46Record at Parkade Track 2 Reverse: 0:27.80Record at Industrial Park Track 4 Reverse: 0:17.37Record at Parkade Track 3: 0:18.30Record at Parkade Track 2: 0:27.77Record at Industrial Park Track 2: 0:08.33Record at Domestic Arrivals Reverse: 1:24.46
Record at Port Authority Reverse: 1:25.97Record at Blackcomb Way Reverse: 2:14.83Record at Grouse Grind Reverse: 1:36.98Record at South Junction Reverse: 1:26.51Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 1:07.93Record at Waste Management: 1:35.39Record at Port Authority: 1:27.88Record at Terminal & 2nd: 1:03.70Record at Eagleridge Estates: 1:57.33Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 0:41.69
Record at Bayview Summit Reverse: 1:42.69Overall Record at Sprint: 74:54.01Record at Airport Circuit Track 6 Reverse: 0:48.22Record at Airport Circuit Track 5 Reverse: 1:03.74Record at Airport Circuit Track 3 Reverse: 0:34.52Record at Airport Circuit Track 2 Reverse: 0:33.04Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4 Reverse: 0:48.00Record at Airport Circuit Track 4: 0:39.59Record at Airport Circuit Track 2: 0:32.99Record at Parkade Track 4 Reverse: 0:18.82
Record at Parkade Track 1 Reverse: 0:15.88Record at Industrial Park Track 3 Reverse: 0:14.13Record at Marathon Reverse: 2:19.74Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 1:56.49Record at South Junction: 1:25.80Record at Rockridge Cross: 1:17.74Record at Bellavista Reverse: 2:04.74Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.83Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.39Record at Observatory: 0:41.67
Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.63Record at Bellavista: 2:02.89Record at Switchback: 0:46.21
4RussiaUSSRUSSRxScoob7,653 -1,158 -721140 (40;47;13;17;23;0)Record at Freemont: 0:19.85Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2: 0:36.73Record at Parkade Track 1 Reverse: 0:15.88Record at Industrial Park Track 2 Reverse: 0:08.34Record at Parkade Track 4: 0:18.72Record at Industrial Park Track 1: 0:18.53Record at Blackcomb Way: 2:11.82Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 1:16.23Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:29.14Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.38
Record at Freeway West: 1:04.77Record at Lower Eastside: 0:40.03Overall Record at StreetX: 4:39.81Record at Parkade Track 3: 0:18.35Record at Parkade Track 2: 0:27.83Record at Industrial Park Track 2: 0:08.34Record at Garibaldi Run Reverse: 1:27.03Record at Freeway East Reverse: 1:14.09Record at Palm Highway: 1:04.38Record at City Hall: 0:36.35
Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.62
5Germany[TRIAD]Fearless6,230 -2,581 -1,42396 (9;47;0;17;23;0)Overall Record at Sprint: 74:51.69Record at Airport Circuit Track 5 Reverse: 1:03.25Record at Airport Circuit Track 3: 0:34.18Record at Marathon Reverse: 2:19.20Record at Upper Deck Reverse: 1:42.19Record at Palomino & 16th Reverse: 1:09.60Record at Airport Circuit Track 2 Reverse: 0:32.93Record at Airport Circuit Track 1 Reverse: 0:24.72Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3 Reverse: 0:45.13Record at Airport Circuit Track 1: 0:24.43
Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 2:28.57Record at Black Tusk Reverse: 2:09.52Record at Cypress Bowl Reverse: 2:11.47Record at The Chief Reverse: 1:53.72Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 1:56.46Record at Broadway & Granville: 1:22.88Record at Sentinel Hill: 1:12.44Record at Grouse Grind: 1:39.27Record at Upper Deck: 1:42.76Record at South Junction: 1:25.75
Overall Record at URL: 15:07.42Record at Airport Circuit Track 4 Reverse: 0:39.26Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5 Reverse: 1:00.06Record at Airport Circuit Track 6: 0:48.07Record at Airport Circuit Track 5: 1:03.00Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5: 0:59.24Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4: 0:47.83Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3: 0:44.89Record at Domestic Arrivals Reverse: 1:24.49Record at Port Authority Reverse: 1:26.10
Record at Rollercoaster Reverse: 2:00.19Record at Wall Center Reverse: 0:58.94Record at South Junction Reverse: 1:26.77Record at Marathon: 2:22.46Record at 2nd & Bellevue: 2:25.56Record at Cypress Bowl: 2:11.81Record at Blackcomb Way: 2:12.15Record at The Chief: 1:57.12Record at Bayview Plaza: 1:07.55
6China[C&P][C&P]GOGO(WR2)6,182 -2,629 -48135 (63;47;0;2;23;0)Record at Sentinel Hill Reverse: 1:13.48Record at Palm Highway Reverse: 1:06.33
7RussiaFKSpeedArt4,753 -4,058 -1,429170 (63;47;2;17;23;18)Record at Bayview Concrete Reverse: 1:57.55Record at Smokestack Reverse: 1:12.28
8PortugalVGSpeedPro4,583 -4,228 -17063 (63;0;0;0;0;0)Overall Record at Circuit: 69:26.79Record at Broad Street Reverse: 1:12.73Record at Woodbine Park Reverse: 1:16.82Record at Boxcar Reverse: 1:18.27Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 1:16.14Record at Shoreside Reverse: 0:46.37Record at Palm Highway Reverse: 1:05.21Record at Resort Loop Reverse: 0:43.33Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.32Record at City Hall: 0:36.07
Record at Garibaldi Run Reverse: 1:26.78Record at 12th & Arbutus Reverse: 1:38.19Record at Freeway East Reverse: 1:14.07Record at University Hill Reverse: 1:24.48Record at City Hall Reverse: 0:38.20Record at Broad Street: 1:12.96Record at Garibaldi Run: 1:26.63Record at Boxcar: 1:22.22Record at University Hill: 1:22.77Record at Palm Highway: 1:04.30
Record at Switchback: 0:46.02Record at Jackpot Reverse: 1:19.81Record at Bayview Concrete Reverse: 1:58.64Record at Bayview Summit Reverse: 1:42.78Record at Bayview Concrete: 1:50.42Record at Freeway East: 1:12.92Record at Shoreside: 0:45.99Record at Bayview Summit: 1:43.20Record at Freemont: 0:19.98
9RussiaUSSRUSSRxSurgeon4,346 -4,465 -23758 (11;47;0;0;0;0)Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 2:28.45Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 1:56.23Record at Sentinel Hill Reverse: 1:13.37Record at Palm Hill Reverse: 1:32.10Record at South Junction Reverse: 1:26.34Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 1:16.18Record at South Junction: 1:25.61Record at Rockridge Cross: 1:16.86Record at Marine & 25th: 1:14.11Overall Record at Sprint: 74:53.05
Record at Broadway & Grandville Reverse: 1:24.48Record at Tailgate Reverse: 1:08.97Record at Wall Center Reverse: 0:58.93Record at Upper Deck Reverse: 1:42.35Record at 2nd & Bellevue: 2:23.84Record at Cypress Bowl: 2:11.20Record at The Chief: 1:56.39Record at Palm Hill: 1:31.48Record at Wall Center: 0:58.25Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 0:29.70
Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.57Record at Terminal & 2nd Reverse: 0:59.36Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 1:08.16Record at Black Tusk: 2:07.79Record at Waste Management: 1:35.85Record at Sentinel Hill: 1:12.49Record at Tailgate: 1:08.37Record at Upper Deck: 1:42.77Record at Palomino & 16th: 1:09.77
10RussiaROED-[ROED]xBurashka-4,324 -4,487 -2253 (1;27;6;17;2;0)Overall Record at StreetX: 4:38.69Record at Parkade Track 4 Reverse: 0:18.73Record at Parkade Track 3 Reverse: 0:18.35Record at Parkade Track 2 Reverse: 0:27.80Record at Parkade Track 1 Reverse: 0:15.87Record at Industrial Park Track 1 Reverse: 0:18.27Record at Parkade Track 4: 0:18.71Record at Parkade Track 3: 0:18.29Record at Parkade Track 2: 0:27.70Record at Parkade Track 1: 0:16.38
Record at Tailgate Reverse: 1:08.66Record at Wall Center Reverse: 0:58.91Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 1:07.87Record at Marathon: 2:21.35Record at Waste Management: 1:34.94Record at Terminal & 2nd: 1:03.38Record at The Chief: 1:55.68Record at Tailgate: 1:08.13Record at Upper Deck: 1:42.72Record at Airport Circuit Track 2: 0:32.92
Record at Industrial Park Track 3 Reverse: 0:14.11Record at Industrial Park Track 4: 0:17.33Record at Marathon Reverse: 2:19.32Record at Terminal & 2nd Reverse: 0:59.35Record at Rollercoaster Reverse: 1:59.79Record at Palm Hill Reverse: 1:32.41Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 1:16.31Record at Palomino & 16th Reverse: 1:09.97Record at Bayview Plaza: 1:07.51Record at Palomino & 16th: 1:09.49
Record at Industrial Park Track 1: 0:18.54Record at Waste Management Reverse: 1:34.36Record at Port Authority: 1:28.09Record at Palm Hill: 1:32.23Record at Grouse Grind: 1:39.36
11RussiaPlayer_14,286 -4,525 -38156 (63;47;6;17;23;0)Record at Bayview Concrete Reverse: 1:57.44Record at Terminal & 2nd: 1:03.83
12BrazilnGplayArtGearNG3,740 -5,071 -54661 (32;6;0;0;23;0)Record at Airport Circuit Track 6 Reverse: 0:47.86Record at Airport Circuit Track 4 Reverse: 0:39.02Record at Airport Circuit Track 5: 1:02.63Record at Airport Circuit Track 4: 0:39.36Record at Smokestack Reverse: 1:11.99Record at Dockside Reverse: 1:10.94Record at Airport Circuit Track 3 Reverse: 0:34.37Record at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 1:27.41Record at Freeway West Reverse: 1:04.51Record at Bayview International: 1:30.37
Record at Dockside: 1:04.00Record at Shoreside: 0:45.79Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.47Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1 Reverse: 0:20.54Record at Airport Circuit Track 3: 0:34.25Record at Bayview International Reverse: 1:31.53Record at Park Drive Reverse: 0:49.73Record at Jackpot: 1:18.93Record at Lower Eastside: 0:40.24
13BrazilnGbrunospfcNG3,595 -5,216 -145131 (63;10;0;17;23;18)Overall Record at Drift: 2033:36.50Record at Lighthouse: 1,908,833Record at Hillside Manor: 1,342,209Record at Stadium Drift 2: 353,129Record at City Lights: 1,384,572Record at Hollyburn Ridge: 1,059,837Record at Powerline: 743,547Record at Capilano Heights: 484,655Record at Parkade Drift 6: 878,303Record at Parkade Drift 5: 719,259
Record at Parkade Drift 4: 652,334Record at Parkade Drift 2: 519,966Record at Stadium Drift 5: 461,169Record at Stadium Drift 4: 359,038Record at Stadium Drift 1: 220,642Record at Parkade Drift 3: 479,684Record at Stadium Drift 3: 372,085
14GermanyHMRHMRxSnoop3,494 -5,317 -101133 (63;47;0;0;23;0)
15PortugalChirted3,484 -5,327 -1053 (52;1;0;0;0;0)Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 0:29.54Record at 12th & Arbutus Reverse: 1:36.90Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 0:41.17Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.52Record at Scenic Ride: 0:29.49Record at Garibaldi Run: 1:26.40Record at 12th & Arbutus: 1:35.68Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.42Record at Switchback: 0:45.96Record at Lower Eastside: 0:39.98
Record at Woodbine Park Reverse: 1:17.36Record at Bellavista Reverse: 2:04.67Record at Bellavista: 2:02.52Record at Providencia: 0:28.73Record at Broad Street Reverse: 1:13.42Record at Palm Highway Reverse: 1:06.40Record at Resort Loop Reverse: 0:44.04Record at Providencia Reverse: 0:29.28Record at Bayview International: 1:30.39Record at Marine & 25th: 1:14.59
16NetherlandsROEDAfroman-003,197 -5,614 -28757 (1;0;21;17;0;18)Record at Parkade Drift 6: 904,429Record at Parkade Drift 5: 748,448Record at Parkade Drift 4: 656,970Record at Parkade Drift 3: 488,444Record at Parkade Drift 2: 522,943Record at Parkade Drift 1: 281,799Record at Stadium Drift 5: 463,094Record at Stadium Drift 4: 366,375Record at Stadium Drift 3: 375,137Record at Bayview Bridge: 0:19.25
Overall Record at Drift: 1965:37.36Record at City Lights: 1,244,341Record at Lighthouse: 1,776,252Record at Hillside Manor: 1,328,146Record at Capilano Heights: 475,886Record at Runway 9: 0:18.70Record at Runway 15: 0:18.30Record at Switching Yard: 0:18.65
17PolandLXLXBobas3,192 -5,619 -563 (63;0;0;0;0;0)Record at Bayview Concrete: 1:50.23Record at Smokestack: 1:10.67Record at Boxcar: 1:22.12Record at Outer Ring Reverse: 1:01.44Record at Marine & 25th: 1:14.51Record at Freemont: 0:19.98Record at University Hill: 1:22.94Record at Providencia: 0:28.81
18Chinafiregunfd2,854 -5,957 -33897 (8;47;21;2;1;18)Record at 2nd & Bellevue: 2:21.93Record at Domestic Arrivals: 1:24.28Record at Palm Hill: 1:31.33Record at Wall Center: 0:58.07Record at Palomino & 16th: 1:09.06Record at Waste Management Reverse: 1:34.05Record at Black Tusk: 2:07.56Record at Black Tusk Reverse: 2:10.14Record at Broadway & Grandville Reverse: 1:24.69Record at Palomino & 16th Reverse: 1:10.00
Record at Broadway & Granville: 1:23.29Record at Rollercoaster: 1:58.80
19CanadaXRMindlessTurn2,849 -5,962 -5189 (63;47;21;17;23;18)
20PolandGGKRYSTA-GG-2,557 -6,254 -29240 (1;0;21;0;0;18)Overall Record at Drag: 6:55.84Record at Central Station Reverse: 0:18.78Record at Runway 9 Reverse: 0:18.26Record at Runway 15 Reverse: 0:18.11Record at South Runway Reverse: 0:18.03Record at Coastal Express Reverse: 0:19.05Record at Bayview Bridge Reverse: 0:19.31Record at Runway 9: 0:18.56Record at Runway 15: 0:18.13Record at South Runway: 0:18.05
Record at Switching Yard: 0:18.51Record at Coastal Express: 0:18.71Record at Airport Freeway Reverse: 0:29.57Record at Switching Yard Reverse: 0:18.87Record at North Freeway Reverse: 0:25.67Record at Central Station: 0:18.51Record at Airport Freeway: 0:29.69Record at North Freeway: 0:25.76Record at Tunnel Construction: 0:22.28Record at Tunnel Construction Reverse: 0:22.70
21RussiaTiPro2,493 -6,318 -6491 (6;37;21;17;10;0)
21RomaniaROEDMad Hatter2,493 -6,318 -043 (25;15;0;1;2;0)Record at Black Tusk Reverse: 2:09.46Record at Broadway & Grandville Reverse: 1:24.37Record at Black Tusk: 2:07.43Record at Broadway & Granville: 1:22.83Record at Garibaldi Run Reverse: 1:26.41Record at Bayview International Reverse: 1:31.38Record at Freeway East Reverse: 1:13.85Record at Outer Ring Reverse: 1:01.36Record at University Hill Reverse: 1:23.91Record at Freeway West Reverse: 1:04.49
Record at Bayview International: 1:30.18Record at Park Drive: 0:49.21Record at Freeway East: 1:12.73Record at Outer Ring: 1:01.04Record at University Hill: 1:22.75Record at Freeway West: 1:04.70Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.31Record at Palm Hill Reverse: 1:32.44Record at Upper Deck Reverse: 1:42.57
22RomaniaROEDTzaca2,390 -6,421 -10376 (20;11;0;17;23;5)Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 1:14.54
23RussiaRSRRSRxMrBin2,265 -6,546 -12549 (5;26;0;17;1;0)Record at Port Authority: 1:27.76Record at Marathon: 2:21.67Record at Parkade Track 3 Reverse: 0:18.47Record at Industrial Park Track 4: 0:17.35Record at Domestic Arrivals: 1:25.24Record at Wall Center: 0:58.28
24IndiaROED[ROED]xArunRuleZzZ2,069 -6,742 -19644 (6;38;0;0;0;0)Record at Domestic Arrivals Reverse: 1:24.40Record at Waste Management Reverse: 1:34.04Record at Cypress Bowl Reverse: 2:11.44Record at The Chief Reverse: 1:53.36Record at Sentinel Hill Reverse: 1:13.62
25GermanyHMRHMRxPanther1,742 -7,069 -32789 (17;47;3;17;2;3)
26HungaryHNBHNBxMarocci1,696 -7,115 -4692 (5;47;0;17;23;0)
27UkrainenGPro100|Vido.nG1,663 -7,148 -3345 (0;27;0;0;0;18)
28PolandHades1,646 -7,165 -1721 (0;0;21;0;0;0)Record at Bayview Bridge: 0:19.18Overall Record at Drag: 6:58.66Record at Runway 9 Reverse: 0:18.30Record at Runway 15 Reverse: 0:18.33Record at Bayview Bridge Reverse: 0:19.35Record at Runway 15: 0:18.23Record at South Runway: 0:18.07Record at Airport Freeway Reverse: 0:29.71Record at South Runway Reverse: 0:18.08Record at North Freeway Reverse: 0:25.77
29RussiaSpider1,643 -7,168 -339 (0;0;21;0;0;18)Record at Hollyburn Ridge: 1,062,502Record at Powerline: 750,515Record at Capilano Heights: 491,311Record at Parkade Drift 3: 480,960Record at Parkade Drift 1: 270,720Record at Parkade Drift 6: 833,097Record at Parkade Drift 5: 675,265Record at Stadium Drift 2: 326,384Record at Stadium Drift 1: 202,267
30United States.:.-CrazyMoFo-.:.1,595 -7,216 -4822 (1;0;0;3;0;18)Record at City Lights: 1,402,932Record at Stadium Drift 3: 386,463Record at Stadium Drift 1: 221,499Overall Record at Drift: 2008:32.99Record at Lighthouse: 1,899,745Record at Hillside Manor: 1,339,594Record at Stadium Drift 2: 350,448Record at Hollyburn Ridge: 1,051,739Record at Powerline: 736,229Record at Parkade Drift 4: 639,593
Record at Parkade Drift 2: 518,829Record at Parkade Drift 1: 269,325Record at Stadium Drift 5: 445,417Record at Stadium Drift 4: 354,307
31China[C&P][C&P]Richardhlz1,546 -7,265 -4942 (25;17;0;0;0;0)Record at Scenic Ride: 0:29.59Record at Woodbine Park: 1:17.24
32RussiaUSSRUSSRxChisNFS1,500 -7,311 -4638 (12;3;0;0;23;0)Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 1:14.97Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.98
33HungaryPIAAPIAAxLALA1,499 -7,312 -1112 (63;9;0;17;23;0)
34PolandDrag_Boy1,464 -7,347 -3521 (0;0;21;0;0;0)Record at South Runway Reverse: 0:18.08Overall Record at Drag: 6:59.60Record at Bayview Bridge Reverse: 0:19.42Record at Central Station: 0:18.56Record at North Freeway: 0:25.81Record at Bayview Bridge: 0:19.25
35Germanyistnogut power1,452 -7,359 -1245 (3;2;0;17;23;0)Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2 Reverse: 0:37.00
36Germanym3lon31,449 -7,362 -3150 (63;47;0;17;23;0)
37BrazilnGInfante.nG1,381 -7,430 -6821 (0;0;21;0;0;0)Record at Coastal Express Reverse: 0:19.07Record at Runway 9 Reverse: 0:18.39Record at Runway 15 Reverse: 0:18.35Record at Tunnel Construction: 0:22.54
38GermanyRaZoR1,378 -7,433 -3150 (63;47;0;17;23;0)
39RomaniaROEDBurnExhaust1,365 -7,446 -1375 (35;35;0;1;4;0)
40RussiaRSRRSRxSuslik1,342 -7,469 -2358 (42;16;0;0;0;0)Record at Broad Street: 1:13.04
41CanadaXRXRxRoxter1,292 -7,519 -5070 (6;2;21;17;6;18)
42Kabinho1,277 -7,534 -1521 (0;0;3;0;0;18)
43HungaryHNBHNBxCsabi1,274 -7,537 -3112 (17;47;0;7;23;18)
43RussiaRSRRSRxVanix1,274 -7,537 -075 (20;42;0;0;8;5)
44ChinaPanZhiHua1,267 -7,544 -747 (0;47;0;0;0;0)
45GermanyHMRDeathDriver1,259 -7,552 -856 (1;11;4;17;23;0)Record at Industrial Park Track 4 Reverse: 0:17.31Record at Industrial Park Track 3 Reverse: 0:14.10Record at Industrial Park Track 4: 0:17.30Record at Industrial Park Track 1 Reverse: 0:18.36Record at Industrial Park Track 3: 0:14.26
46GermanyHMRHMRxfuzzy1,235 -7,576 -2472 (1;47;1;0;23;0)
47South AfricaGGF1-GG1,224 -7,587 -1122 (0;0;21;1;0;0)Record at Switching Yard Reverse: 0:18.83Record at Runway 9: 0:18.57Record at Switching Yard: 0:18.57
48GermanyfinleyGR1,216 -7,595 -843 (8;0;17;0;0;18)

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