aTTaX|brothYbs, 07 Oct 17:30:
   omg, visited my sister yesterday and they got a gamecub with nfsu2 and i finally realized (, after getting some knowlegde with rfactor) that i never used some of the tuningoptions oO. i could instantly try it again...
KGCtuokool, 08 Mar 04:08:
   I miss NFSU2 too, chasing records was SOOOO much fun...
RunneR, 08 Mar 10:13:
   OPEN WR NFSU2!!!!!!!
RunneR, 24 Mar 19:34:
   FREEMONT - 19.79!
DeathDriver, 16 Apr 06:47:
   +1 RunneR gogo wanna get more WRs :x
Drag_Boy, 04 Nov 12:52:
Drag_Boy, 18 Feb 18:17:
Drag_Boy, 29 Nov 07:26:
   hello again
RunneR, 10 Oct 09:14:
   HI ALL!
FKSpeedArt, 18 Oct 09:00:
   Hi all
DeathDriver, 05 Jan 10:37:
   re again! such a great page
FKSpeedArt, 13 Jan 18:23:
    link - WR the NFS Run. WELCOME!
Kawkaz, 19 Feb 02:04:
   RETURNS TO GAME... ?!It would be great. Greets geeks NFSU...
brunospfcNG, 02 Apr 12:30:
   This game was so much fun, the only racing game i playid more was Rock n Roll Racing,turn it on!
FKSpeedArt, 10 Jun 08:09:
   Freemont - new WR 19.78 link
KRYSTA-GG-, 17 Jul 15:04:
   omg it was 7 years ago. Still gaming but nothing compares to U1 and U2 era
FKSpeedArt, 19 Jul 07:10:
   U2 forever!
KGCdagunner, 11 Jun 04:06:
   HAHAHAHA Its JUne 2013, and i Just Remembered This Site. The Best Site the Internet hast Ever MAde. Wanna Thank Here to he Russians all around Mr SERG, That gave us this Great Site, now allmost 10 years Ago. Love ya All, U All Have Hopefully Peaceful and
KGCdagunner, 11 Jun 04:07:
Br0LLisGG, 07 Aug 08:17:
   Cheers KGCdagunner. Same here. I woke up this morning and felt the need for speed. So now its time to relive those wonderful times of drifting and play some and see how i do today like 10 years later. Cheers!
FKSpeedArt, 17 Oct 11:52:
   Hi all, who else enters on this great site! NFSU2 will live forever. this is the best game series. and the project of World Records is the best thing that has ever been created for racing games. U2 still alive... of course not as much as before, but alive
FKSpeedArt, 17 Oct 11:52:
   of course not as much as before, but alive. because the better games do not have and will hardly ever be. My site U2 - http://www.lsd.ucoz.or g. Come, we will be glad. I tried to somehow revive the game. there was a moment, but not for long. But there are still c
FKSpeedArt, 17 Oct 11:54:
   children who are interested to write on records at the present time, of course right now, more powerful computers, records are higher, but not much. Found new settings auto. But the main thing that is interesting, and how old the game is not important bec
FKSpeedArt, 17 Oct 11:54:
   because it is the best in history.
Christina, 25 Dec 14:45:
brunospfcNG, 01 May 01:05:
   hahaha, still alive! very fun times
brunospfcNG, 01 May 01:10:
   DAMN, only now i saw it...10 years...godDAMN, this site must be in some kind of old USSR computer that "never breaks"
EWxslowesTxzkeyi, 30 Jul 16:13:
EWxslowesTxzkeyi, 30 Jul 16:16:
   hi administrator, can you open the ug2 wrclient again, we still love it! thx a lot.
NoxiousGG, 05 Sep 10:46:
   fuck this site is still up I cant recall if the previous Records reset at somepoint or what happened, but this surely took most of my time back then

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